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Privacy Statement

Eight Integrated Development Corporation, doing business under the name and style of Royce Hotel and Casino, respects your right to privacy, and pledges that all personal data collected from our guests, suppliers, applicants and employees comply with all the pertinent provisions as provided under Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy act of 2012.

As part of that commitment, this Privacy policy undertakes to protect and secure all your personal information, as well as a guide to be observe by Royce Hotel and Casino in processing your personal information.

When making a reservation, signing up for events or promotions, sending inquiries, or any other form of communication, you will be asked to consent to the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Upon consenting to the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy, it is expected that you have read, understood, agreed, and consented that Royce Hotel and Casino collects, uses, and discloses personal data or information in accordance with laws.


  1. GENERAL DATA PRIVACY PRINCIPLES- All your personal information and sensitive personal information are:

    1. Collected for specified and legitimate purposes, done through lawful means with a lawful purpose;

    2. Processed fairly and lawfully;

    3. Accurate, relevant and, where necessary for purposes for which it is to be used the processing of personal information, kept up to date; inaccurate or incomplete data must be rectified, supplemented, destroyed or their further processing restricted;

    4. Adequate and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected and processed;

    5. Retained only for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which the data was obtained or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, or for legitimate business purposes, or as provided by law; and

    6. Kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected and processed: Provided, that personal information collected for other purposes may lie processed for historical, statistical or scientific purposes, and in cases laid down in law may be stored for longer periods: Provided, further, that adequate safeguards are guaranteed by said laws authorizing their processing.

  2. Processing of your Personal Data

    1. Royce Hotel and casino collect, use, store, retain, disclose, dispose and process your Personal Data in order to fulfill lawful and legitimate purposes, which we inform our valued guests, through privacy notices and statements, forms and other relevant media or documents.

    2. Royce Hotel and Casino process your Personal Data for any of the following purposes:


        1. To enable your registration in our booking and reservation system;

        2. To verify your identity and process your booking or reservation;

        3. To provide products and services which are specific to your preferences;

        4. To notify and update you about new promotions and future events;

        5. To process your payments and transactions; and

        6. To validate your identity when you avail discounts and rewards.


        1.  To provide information about Royce Hotel and Casino’s products and services which may be of interest to you;

        2. To respond with your requests and queries when you communicate with us through chat channels, voice calls, emails, contact boxes, or other forms of messaging;

        3. To respond and take action to specific complaints, inquiries, requests or manage future interactions;

        4. To notify and update our valued guests of Royce Hotel and Casino’s commercial and promotional advertisements, loyalty and rewards offers, exclusive invites, discounts, surveys, and other direct marketing that we deem relevant and beneficial to you based on your preference and interest initially provided to us or made aware of, through calls, SMS, or emails with which you can opt-out anytime should you prefer not to receive these notifications;

        5. To monitor the quality of our products and services;

        6. To ensure your safety and security;

        7. To generate statistical insights;

        8. To conduct research and analysis (through surveys or polls) to improve customer experience or satisfaction;

        9. To create photo or video documentation for events which are used for reporting and other internal purposes, such as promotional activities and advertisements in social media pages and websites, etc.;

        10. To comply with legal and regulatory requirements; and,

        11. To perform other processing or disclosure that may be required under law or regulations


 Depending on the transaction, Royce Hotel and Casino may ask to collect your personal information which may include but is not limited to:    

  1. Personal information such as full name, nickname, home addresses/billing address/shipping address, e-mail address, employment information, telephone, other personal contact numbers, username, password, and one-time pin (OTP);

  2. Photographs, audio and video footage;

  3. Sensitive personal information such as birth date, age, nationality, marital status, biometric data, gender, health, education and government issued identification document which includes, but not limited to identity (ID) cards, licenses, social security numbers, etc.;

  4. Background and employment records including your educational background, employment history, certifications, trainings attended, resume and previous income information; and

   5. Financial details such as credit history, bank account, pay slips, credit card, and debit card information.

All personal and information and collected by Royce Hotel and Casino complies with the guidelines and limitations provided under RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and in order for the data collected to be processed, we remind you that the accuracy and legitimacy of all Personal Data collected, whether personal information, sensitive personal information or privileged information, shall be your responsibility.    

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